Exquisite Real Estate strives to set the new best practice in Property Management. To us the landlord is our partner and our tenants are our Customers.

Our systems are there to protect your property asset, find and hold onto great tenants who become your greatest asset, and to help to efficiently manage your property to avoid unnecessary costs improving your rental yield.

ERE is built on streamlined and intelligent processes and policies that have been developed over the last 12 years, and we continue to improve.

If you are looking to Rent your property yourself with the assistance of Licensed Real Estate Agents to guide you through a Proven System - contact us


Our Services


1) Tenant Blacklist Search

ACA Tenant Squatters.JPG

Avoid red flag tenants - or ending up on A Current Affair news. Conducting a full Australia wide tenancy background search (blacklist search) on the 2 major databases helps you avoid tenants who know how to play the system, never pay up and make you spend months going in and out of court rooms. 

We strive for a turn-around of 1 business day once we have received the application form from your tenant with signed privacy waiver.


2) Custom Lease Preparation & On-boarding Pack

We prepare all the legals for you so you are not only protected, but you have clear and concise rental policies so your tenants know what happens when they play up. We also throw in some maintenance tips to help your tenants take better care of  your property, and make it clear on their responsibilities vs. the landlords responsibilities. 

We can generally have a new lease prepared for you within 2 business days depending on your lease type and if we operate in your state or territory. 

3) Full Tenant Recruitment and On-boarding (includes 1 and 2) 


We do all the work of 1) and 2), but we also go out there and market your property for rent, and find you the most suitable candidates. Look at us as like an employee recruitment agency except for tenants. We take all the leg work out of it and work hard to process applications, check facts and make sure your tenant not only can afford to pay the rent, but also has the right attitude to work with you in maintaining your property. 

We strive to have your new tenant recruited and paying rent within 7 days (excluding things outside of our control...)




“It was great working with you as well, you certainly had a wealth of knowledge that has helped put me in a better position than I otherwise would have been. Thankyou for all your hard work, I sure have appreciated it.” - Liana Peterson