We take the stress off you by being all hands on deck for a week, spending the time to market to, screen and recruit your ideal tenant and set you both up for success with a sound Lease and transparent and helpful on-boarding pack.

We aim to have you set up with your new tenant within 7 days*



We do the following:

1) write up marketing blurb to market to your ideal tenant

2) guide you through taking amazing photos to show off your property's best features

3) We upload your listings to whichever marketing platforms you require that is best suited to your property and budget (marketing fees are additional)

4) We can organise a 'For Lease' sign to be sent to you so you get walk-bys and locals interested (sign fee may be additional depending on marketing platforms chosen)


Application Processing

We handle all tenant inquiries for you. 


1) Pre qualify all incoming applicants to make sure they are suitable candidates

2) We work out a time for you to give private viewings or arrange an open home

3) We handle all full applications including 100 points of IDs, ID checks, Background checks, Reference checks, Information fact checking to avoid red flag tenants and verify the tenant has the capacity to afford the rent payments

4) You can then chose between the top applicants based on summarised application data and professional advice



Lease and On-boarding Pack Preparation & Guidance


1) Guide you through a process to ensure your tenant is committed and pays all money at the right time to hold the property, and to pay rent and bond due prior to signing lease so you are not at risk

2) Prepare a custom lease for you which will provide maximum legal protection, spells out tenants and landlords obligations, and policies which outline consequences. We also provide maintenance guides to assist your tenant in looking after your property

3) Provide a guide for you to complete a detailed condition report and date stamped photos of your property so that you have evidence of how the property must be left at the end of tenancy (minus fair wear and tear)

4) Provide professional tips and advice to set yourself up for easy and efficient ongoing management including rent tracking apps and templates such as letters and notices. 


*This process can sometimes take longer than 7 days due to factors outside of our control - this includes:

  • delays by the landlord for example to provide suitable quality marketing photos, i.e. if the property is not photo ready (cleaning not done and any cosmetic and obvious maintenance work not attended to),
  • that you have elected to advertise in the best areas for your property and market, and
  • assuming good demand for your property (hinges on your local market) and
  • good applications are received (i.e. tenants who tick all the boxes).